Safetech Pedestrian Gate Latches Serve Multiple Markets

Safetech Pedestrian Gate LatchesWhen asked for advice on reliable and sturdy pedestrian gate latches retailers and installers can recommend with confidence Safetech Hardware’s K9Latch (SL-25 gate latch). Ruggedly constructed of non-rusting polymers, this magnetic gate latch is a great match for any gate design whether for public areas such as arboretums and playgrounds or for fencing home yards, gardens and the extremely popular pet enclosures.

Safetech engineers put plenty of thought into the construction of the K9Latch to make them an ideal selection for professional installers or do-it-yourselfers. Position the gate latch hardware for right or left side mounting. Installation is very forgiving thanks to a design that provides horizontal and vertical adjustment so that the latch and catch line up perfectly. The latch lock is at waist level just where people expect to find it. The magnetic release mechanism assures reliable and quiet performance. It is operated by raising the release knob located above the gate top rail – convenient for adults but not for small children.

Simple Gate Latch Design = Enhanced Reliability

Once a gate latch is installed it should be forgotten in terms of generating repair calls. These are not pleasant for owners to make or installers to receive. That’s why Safetech engineers worked hard to minimize the individual components that go into the latch and catch mechanism. Fewer things to go wrong means no or low service calls. The design simplicity is also one of the many reasons – together with rust-proof materials – these gate latches come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Pair the K9Latch with a Pair of Gate Hinges

We at Safetech firmly believe that an open gate is the same as no gate. That’s why we encourage installers and homeowners to think carefully about the gate latch and hinges. When gates must close the TopKlik self-closing hinge with 8 adjustable tension levels is the best choice. These hinges, also constructed of rust-resistant polymers, come with an allen key allowing users to increase or decrease closing tension. Other gate hinges models are available either spring loaded or without tension.

Installers, retailers and homeowners find the finest in gate hardware products at Safetech Hardware.